I’m Dana

UX/UI Product Designer

Designing and leading user-centered projects from research to production.

User Experience Design

I take pride designing simple, intuitive products that can be used by real people. Market research, personas, and user testing are invaluable.

User Interface Design

If done right, design can turn a mediocre experience into an amazing one. I love creating beautiful products just as I love using them.

From Design to Product

I like working closely with developers. Being a part of the development phase allows me to make sure the product is built in the best way.


Whether it’s a quick prototype on paper, or a clickable demo, testing solutions efficiently and as early as possible leads to high-quality products.

Responsive Design

As the world gravitates more and more towards the mobile-first approach, making sure the product looks good on all platforms and devices is more important than ever.


Touching code does not scare me. The independence of being able to fine-tune the product myself is a part of my profession I enjoy very much.

Creative Bits

August 15, 2017

Creative Bits

Smart Home

July 30, 2017

Smart Home

Food House

August 24, 2015

Food House

KidsGuard – Responsive Landing Page

August 9, 2015

KidsGuard – Responsive Landing Page

July 24, 2015


May 16, 2015



March 30, 2014


The Person

I believe in true collaboration between designers and developers, and that companies must understand the weight UX and design holds over how successful the product is. 

When I’m not working, I’m over-cuddling my cats, reading and writing on Medium, learning new subjects and working on personal projects.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Whether you’re an enterprise company looking to breathe life into an existing product, or a startup wanting to make an impact with your new app, I’d love to help make your vision reality.

Let’s start a conversation.

Tel Aviv, Israel